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Floating or Free Standing Vanity?

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Living up to the perfect and professional interior design is not always easy, particularly, when you have a limited budget. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the first thing most homeowners realize is creating a desirable room according to their tastes.

When you decide to find a sophisticated bathroom vanity, there are numerous aspects to consider. Recently, new styles of vanities have emerged – making the choice even more troublesome. Now, you have to decide between the floating and free standing vanities.

In this article, we will tell you the differences between floating and freestanding vanity. Keep reading this post in order to get the most out of it!

Floating Vanity

Floating Vanity

Nowadays, many people are using floating vanities in their bathrooms. There are many advantages of a floating vanity. A floating vanity makes the bathroom eye-catching – and there is absolutely no doubt about that. Not only are they minimalistic, but also modern and stylish.

Floating vanities are essential when it comes to creating a significant impact on smaller spaces. They also ensure air circulation in the open space. In addition, computer designs can likewise help to plan a good floating vanity for your bathroom.

Floating vanities are becoming popular in bathrooms. They create a more contemporary appearance and also grab the attention of people. Similarly, they are less compact because of creating a larger opening in your bathroom.

  • Quick and Easy Cleaning

It is extremely easy and quick to clean floating vanities. You will not have to bend over to shove the dustpan underneath your bathroom’s floating vanity. Also, you won’t find any dust bunnies or awkward corners. Therefore, cleaning is super easy.

  • Provides appropriate organization

Most people feel happy and/or find joy out of the color coding the towels – i.e. organizing the cotton swabs and ensuring the lipsticks are aligned perfectly – then, you must choose to install a floating vanity in your bathroom. So much so, floating vanities allow homeowners to display their bathroom products with open shelves under the sink.

  • Minimalism

For some people, it is a great choice to pair a sink or monochromatic wall with a floating vanity. Doing so, they can create an attractive minimalistic look. Not only will this draw significant attention to other bathroom areas (for instance your freestanding tub) but also create a modern look.

  • Radiant-Heat Flooring

Some people invest in radiant-heat flooring – i.e. hanging the vanity on bathroom walls. This can maximize the warmth in there. For instance, if you want to brush your teeth, do your hair, or makeup at the sink – your feet will stay toasty and nice. So, a floating vanity is a great choice if you have a radiant-heating flooring installed in your bathroom.

Moreover, a floating vanity is a great choice and adjusts to everyone. It accommodates people of all ages – whether your younger ones need a stepping stool and/or you live with your grandparents who have walkers – for example.

Freestanding Vanity

Freestanding Vanity

It is a type of vanity that stands on the floor directly. Freestanding vanities have kickboards, which cover the space beneath the doors. It means they are totally enclosed.

  • Offers Substantial Storage

A freestanding vanity will offer you a good amount of storage space in your bathroom. This way, you can easily organize and store your bathroom products. The storage space usually doubles when you opt to choose a model that comes with two basins. What does this mean? Well, this makes them ideal to keep the bathroom tidy and clean. Also, you can easily maintain your bathroom and its essential products are stored away out of the sight.

  • Classic Designs

Freestanding vanities have classic designs. They are truly timeless. This is a great benefit when it comes to changing the style of the bathroom. Now, it is easy to remodel your bathroom with a freestanding vanity. So much so, they coordinate with a wide variety of bathroom designs because of their timeless appeal.

  • Cleaning reduction

Since it stands on the floor directly, you don’t need to clean the underneath. This significantly cuts down the bathroom cleaning time. Amazing, isn’t it? So, this leaves you free to spend longer have a great indulgent soak in the bath.  

  • Cover up the Plumbing

Unlike floating vanities, freestanding vanities are specifically designed to cover up your plumbing. No matter what is the style of your bathroom, you will never worry about the pipes or other plumbing accessories. Your bathroom plumbing will be in good condition. Similarly, it creates a cleaner and tidier look.

In conclusion, whether your taste is modern or traditional or somewhere in between, a vanity for your bathroom must offer both stylishness and functionality. These two elements are the central focal points when it comes to modernity and functionality of your bathroom.

So, when you choose a bathroom vanity, you need to examine the styling options and materials. This way, you can play around with shapes, designs, and color combinations to determine the most attractive possibilities for the new vanity of your bathroom.

Both types of vanities have incredible benefits for your bathroom and your convenience. However, the decision is yours – but you have to choose a vanity according to your needs and requirements.

If you want a more classic design with lots of storage space, then freestanding vanity should be your priority or choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a modern design, attractive appearance, and minimalism, you should choose to purchase a floating vanity.

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